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Economics Guess Paper




Q.No: 1


A) Determining scarcity and opportunity cost for the economic development in Pakistan.


B) discuss productivity and comparative advantage in developing countries




Q.No: 2


A) how we determine prices wth the help of demand and supply curve in perfectmarket.


B) explain efficiency and economies of scope in regulated economy.




Q.No: 3


A) describe different concept of national income and its measurement?


B) detail on efficiency and economies of scope in market economy. 






Q.No: 4


A) describe three economic system compare with each other.




B) short answer


explain the equilibrium and economies of scale in market economy.

Equilibrium and economies of socialist economy

Equilibrium and economies of scale in mixed economy




Q.No: 5


A) describe about international trade and what are difference between national trade and international trade and advantage and disadvantage of international trade.


B) describe the production function and economic production in economics.


Q.No: 6


Describe about demand curve and price elasticity, income elasticity and its measurement.


Q.No: 7


A) describe about human behavior with respect to low of marginal utility and indifference curve.



B) discuss the role of factor of production in gross national production (GNP) 





Q.No: 8


A) describe about central bank and role of central bank.



B) explain the finding market for goods and service for Pakistani producers.


Q.No: 9




Describe about the balance of payments and how it become unbalance and howgovernment remove the unbalance.


Q.No: 10


Explain the productivity theory.



Or Firm equilibrium in short run and long run and MPC, APC, TVC, VC, FC, AFC, AVC, MC, AR, MA 













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