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AIOU autumn 2010 old papers SPRING 2013
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers AUTUMN 2012
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers SPRING 2012
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers AUTUMN 2011
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers SPRING 2011
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers AUTUMN 2010
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1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 247 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 404 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 1423 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 1424 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 330 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 386 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 387 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 1423 Solve Autumn 2012
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 1424 Solve Autumn 2012
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aiou solved assignments free All AIOU Solved Assignments here
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spring 207 Solved Guess Papers new old papers of aiou
spring 207 Unsolved Guess Papers new old papers of aiou
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spring 207 MBA SPRING 2011

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Assignments Autumn 2012 >> All Post Graduate Courses (MA/MSC/Phd/M.Ed/Postgraduate)

Course Code / Subject Name Download / View / PDF Format files
 0538-Genesis of Pak Movement Download
  0541-Social Change Download
  0677-Ind Training for the Vis Hand Children Download
  0678-Special Edu for the Vis Hand Children Download
  0680-Genl Intro to Hearing Impairment Download
  0681-Psy of Deafness & Child Dev Download
  0682-Speech & Hearing Download
  0683-Audiology & Audiometry Download
  0695-Foundations of Sc Download
  0696-Teaching Strategies in Sc Edu Download
  0697-Assessment in Sc Edu Download
  0698-Lab Org Manag&Safety Methods Download
  0773-Small Ruminant Production Download
  0775-Livestock Mng Practices Download
  0778-Dairy Production Download
  0782-Livestock Industry Download
  0794-Statistics Download
  0799-Adult Learning & Rural Dev Download
  0801-Intro to Microeconomics Download
  0802-Introduction to Macroeconomics Download
  0803-Mathematics for Economists Download
  0804-Statistics for Economists Download
  0808-Public Finance & Fiscal Policy Download
  0810-Eco Plan Tech & App Download
  0811-Monetary Theory & Policy Download
  0843-Edu Guidance & Counselling Download
  0854-Dev Material for Dist&Non Formal Edu (854) Download
  0861-Hospital Dietetics Download
  0862-Community Nutrition Download
  0876-Changing Role of Urban Women Download
  0886-Health Promotion Download
  0903-Operating System Download
  0964-Lang Skills & Comm Abilities Download
  0965-Dev Support Comm Download
  0967-Advertising Download
  0968-Public Relations Download
  1579-Eva of Built Env for Phy Sustainability Download
  1580-Environmental Aesthetics Download
  1581-Women and Environment Download
  1582-Appropriate Technology Download
  1584-Env Impact Assessment Download
  1594-Stat Methods in Env Health Download
  1793-Human Res Development Download
  1794-NGOs Management Download
  1795-Research for Development Download
  1796-Natural Res Management Download
  1797-Managing Proj in Rural Dev Download
  2503-Participatory Forestry Download
  2504-Research Methods Download
  2506-Mass Communication Download
  2508-Economics of Forestry Download
  2509-Social & Community Forestry Download
  2511-Soil Conservation&Water Shed Manag Download
  2516-Environment and Forestry Download
  2518-Sc & Tech Writing in Agr Extension Download
  2533-Process & Strategies of Comm in Agr Ext Download
  2702-Research Methods Download
  2703-Applied Econometrics Download
  2706-Environmental Economics Download
  2708-Monetary Economics Download
  2725-Sindhi-Sraiki-Kashmiri Lang Download
  3427 and 3582-Internet Programming Lang Download
  3428-Operating System Concepts Download
  3430-Windows and UNIX Download
  3435-Visual Basic & Database Interface Download
  3471 and 3525-Intro to E-Business Download
  3507-Management Information System Download
  3522-E-Commerce Applications Download
  3575 and 3420-Software Engineering Download
  3581-Data Structures & Applications Download
  3583-Operating System Concepts Download
  3584 and 3429-Data Comm&Networks Download
  3602-Braille Practical Download
  3603-Intro & Assessment of MRC-I Download
  3604-Intro & Assessment of MRC-II Download
  3605-Education of MRC-I Download
  3606-Education of MRC–II Download
  3607-Physical Handicaps-I Download
  3608-Physical Handicaps-II Download
  3609-Edu Adaptation Child with Phy Disabilities-I Download
  3610-Edu Adaptation Child with Phy Disabilities-II Download
  3716-Advanced Study on Exceptionalities–I Download
  3717-Advanced Study on Exceptionalities–II Download
  3718-Career Planning and Rehabilitation–I Download
  3719-Career Planning and Rehabilitation–II Download
  3726-Non Formal Education–I Download
  3727-Non Formal Education–II Download
  3728-Adult Education Lit–I Download
  3729-Adult Education Literacy–II Download
  3730-Educational Technology–I Download
  3731-Educational Technology–II Download
  3732-Distance Education–I Download
  3733-Distance Education Download
  3736-Adv App to Curriculum Dev-I Download
  3737-Adv App to Curriculum Dev-II Download
  3739-Teaching Strategies Download
  3740-Teaching Strategies Download
  3742-Measurement & Eva in Edu-I Download
  3743-Measurement & Eva-II Download
  4641-Psychology of Gender Download
  4642-Lifespan Dev of Women Download
  4643-Women in Pakistan Literature-I Download
  4644-Women in Pakistan Literature-II Download
  4651-Gender and Development Download
  4652-Women and Development Download
  4653-Perspectives on Gender Studies Download
  4654-Pak Perspectives of Women Studies Download
  4657-Pakistani Lang & Lit-I Download
  4658-Pakistani Lang & Lit-II Download
  4673-International Economics–I Download
  4674-International Economics–II Download
  4675-Islamic Economics–I Download
  4676-Islamic Economics–II Download
  4686-Introduction to Sociology Download
  4687-Sociological Theory–II Download
  4688-Tools of Data Collection Download
  4689-Social Statistics Download
  4690-Gender Dynamics Download
  4696-Methods of Social Work Download
  4697-Fields of Social Work Download
  4771-Adult and Life Long Education Download
  4773-Human Res Mang in Dis Edu Download
  4776-Discourse Analysis Download
  4777-Emerging Trends in Pedagogy Download
  4780-Pro & Planning for Exc Youth Download
  4781-Emerging Trends in Edu Download
  5505-Collection Development Download
  5563-Human Res Management Download
  5564-Quantitative Techniques Download
  5565-Marketing Management Download
  5566-Accounting and Finance Download
  5567-Management Information System Download
  5568-Operations Management Download
  5569-Management and Organization Download
  5570-Public System Management Download
  5571-Economic Environment for Business Download
  5572-Public Policy Download
  5573-Dev Planning & Administration Download
  5574-Strategic Management Download
  5575-Quality Management Download
  5576-E-Commerce Download
  5577-Project Management Download
  5580-Managerial Economics Download
  5582-Policy Analysis and Implementation Download
  5583-Contemporary Adm System Download
  5584-Disaster Management Download
  5585-Corporate Finance Download
  5588-International Marketing Download
  5599-Res Methodology for Mang Decision Download
  5601-History of Urdu Lit-I Download
  5602-History of Urdu Lit-II Download
  5603-Urdu Fiction-I Download
  5604-Urdu Fiction-II Download
  5609-Styles in Urdu Prose-I Download
  5610-Styles in Urdu Prose-II Download
  5611-Specific Study of Mir&Ghalib-I Download
  5612-Specific Study of Mir&Ghalib-II Download
  5613-Specific Study of Allama Iqbal-I Download
  5614-Specific Study of Allama Iqbal-II Download
  5631-Mass Communication Part-I Download
  5632-Mass Communication Part-II Download
  5633-National & Inter Current Affairs-I Download
  5634-National & Inter Current Affairs–II Download
  5639-Social Psychology Part-I Download
  5640-Social Psychology Part-II Download
  5641-Management of Lib & inf Centre-I Download
  5642-Management of Lib & inf Centre-II Download
  5643-Library Auto, Inf storage & Retrieval-I Download
  5644-Library Auto, Inf storage & Retrieval-II Download
  5651-Pub Rec Rare Material & their Conservation-I Download
  5652-Pub Rec Rare Material & their Conservation-II Download
  5653-Management of Ser Publications-I Download
  5654-Management of Ser Publications-II Download
  5659-The Language Skills-I Download
  5660-Dip TEFL Download
  5661-EFL in the Classroom-I Download
  5662-EFL in the Classroom-II Download
  5667-English for Specific Purposes Download
  5668-Modern Grammatical Theory Download
  5761-Mass Media and Society–I Download
  5762-Mass Media and Society–II Download
  5765-Research Methodology-I Download
  5766-Research Methodology-II Download
  5775-Methods of Teaching Lit-I Download
  5776-Methods of Teaching Lit-II Download
  5777-Methodology of Research-I Download
  5778-Methodology of Research-II Download
  6508-Teaching of English Download
  6515-Teaching of Mathematics Download
  6516-Teaching of Physics Download
  6630-Evolution of Mass Comm Res Download
  6632-Foundations of Behavioral Res–I Download
  6711-General Linguistics Download
  6712-Literary & Linguistic Heritage(1) Download
  6713-Literary & Linguistic Heritage(2) Download
  7501-An introduction to Human Nutrition Download
  7502-Applied Human Nutrition Download
  7509-Research Methods Download
  7511-Basic of Food Sciences Download
  8508-Managerial Accounting Download
  8522-Managerial Economics Download
  8709-Strategic Human Res Dev Download
  8710-Organization Theory and Design Download
  8711-Int Human Res Mang Download
  8712-Human Res Change Mang Download
  8714-Credit Management Download
  8715-Investment and Securities Mang Download
  8716-Risk Management & Insurance Download
  8718-Islamic Banking Download

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