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AIOU autumn 2010 old papers SPRING 2013
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers AUTUMN 2012
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers SPRING 2012
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers AUTUMN 2011
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers SPRING 2011
AIOU autumn 2010 old papers AUTUMN 2010
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1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 247 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 404 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 1423 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 1424 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 330 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 386 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 387 Solve Spring 2013
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 1423 Solve Autumn 2012
1423 solved assignment of english autumn 2011 and 2012 1424 Solve Autumn 2012
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Assignments Spring 2013 >> All Post Graduate Courses (MA/MSC/Ph.D/M.Ed/Postgraduate)

Course Title / Course Code Download / View in Pdf
0537-Ideological Foundations of Pakistan Download
0545-Political Parties and Pressure Groups in Pak_2013 Download
0671-Educational Psychology Download
0672-Perspectives of Special Education Download
0673-Handicapped Persons in the Community Download
0712-Muslims in India Download
0795-Agricultural Extension Education Download
0805-Advanced Microeconomics Download
0806-Advanced Microeconomics Download
0807-Basic Econometrics Download
0834-Educational Technology_2013 Download
0835-Adult Education_2013 Download
0837-Educational Research Download
0838-Curriculum Development and Instruction (urdu) Download
0838-Curriculum Development and Instruction Download
0840-Educational Psychology Download
0844-Non Formal Distance Education Download
0845-Edu Administration and Supervision_ Download
0845-Edu Administration and Supervision_2 Download
0846-Teaching Strategies_Spring 2013 Download
0847-Adult Education in Comparative Perspective_2013 Download
0851-System of Distance Education Download
0855-Computers in Education_2013 Download
  0859-Food Studies Download
  0865-Institutional Management Download
  0866-Sociology of Food and Nutrition Download
  0874-Women and Media Download
0877-Women and Health_2013 Download
0880-Perspectives of Women Rights in Islam Download
0903-Operating Systems (BScs + Postgraduate) Download
  1430-Statistics for Management Download
1526-Muslims in India_2013 Download
1575-Introduction to Environmental Design Download
1576-Environmental Planning & Practice_ Download
1577-Environmental Psychology Download
1578-Research Methodology Download
1578-Research Methodology_2 Download
1585-Ecological Design Cities, Landscape & Transport Download
1586-Dimensions of Sustainability Download
1588-Building Evaluation Techniques Download
  1589-Environmental Issues in Workplace Design Download
1591-Env Con in House & Housing Design Download
1790-Sustainable Rural Development Download
1791-Regenerating Agriculture Download
1792-Rural Poverty Alleviation Download
1793-Human Resource Development Download
1793-Human Resource Development_2 Download
2500-Principles of Rural Sociology-I Download
2501-Range Land Management in Pakistan_2013 Download
2502-Tree Management Download
2505-Diffusion of Innovations Download
2507-Forestry Extension Education Download
2512-Principles of Rural Sociology-II Download
2514-Approaches of Rural Development Download
2525-Evaluation Research_2013 Download
2526-Agricultural Extension Systems Download
2700-Advanced Microeconomics Download
2701-Advanced Macroeconomics Download
2704-Development Economics Download
2705-International Trade Theory & Policy_2013 Download
  2721-Comparat Study of Pakistani Languages Download
  2722-Balochi,Brahavi,Language & Lit Download
  2723-Pushto,Hindko,Torwali,Gawri Lang & Lit Download
  2724-Punjabi Download
  3426-Database Applications Download
  3487-Network Programming Download
  3579-Database Applications Download
3612-Org & Mang of Sp-School with Disabilities-II Download
3613-Community Based Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities-I Download
3614-Community Based Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities-II Download
3701-Trends and Issues in Education Download
3702-Trends and Issues in EPM_2013 Download
3702-Trends and Issues in EPM Download
3703-Trends and Issues in Distance Education Download
3704-Trends and Issues in Teacher Education Download
3705-Computer Application Download
3706-Advanced Course on Edu Research and Stats Download
3709-Trends and Issues in Special Education Download
  4507-Al Blagh Download
  4525-History of Arabic Literature Download
  4526-History of Arabic Literature Download
  4531-Literary-Criticism Download
  4532-Literary-Criticism Download
  4533-Linguistic-I Download
  4534-Linguistic-II Download
  4539-Islamic History Download
  4540-Islamic History Download
  4541-History of Islam-I Download
  4542-History of islam-II Download
  4576-Quran & Orient Lists Download
  4578-Translations & Tafseer of Quranic Pakistan Download
  4601-Islamic History Download
  4602-Islamic History Download
  4607-Philosophy & Objectives of Shariah-I Download
  4608-Philosophy & Objectives of Shariah_II Download
  4619-Textual Study of Al-Quran-I Download
  4620-Textual Study of Al-Quran-II Download
  4629-Fiqa Tul Abadat Download
  4630-Fiqa tul Mamlat Download
  4631-Islamic Fiqh-I Download
  4632-Islamic Fiqh-II Download
  4635-Procedunal Law of islam Download
  4636-Wasail e Isbat&Ehtisab In Islamic Law Download
  4639-Arabic Language & Lit-I Download
  4640-Arabic Language & Lit-II Download
4647-Feminist Debates on Gender Inequalities Download
4648-Feminism and Islam Download
4648-Feminism and Islam_Spring 2013 Download
4659-Economic Development in Pakistan Download
4660-Economic Development in Pakistan Download
4661-Foreign Policy of Pakistan-I Download
4662-Foreign Policy of Pakistan-II Download
4667-Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan–I Download
  4717-Drasat-e-Arabiya-I Download
  4718-Drasat-e-Arabiya-II Download
  4719-Drasat-e-Lugh-I Download
  4720-Drasat-e-Lugh-II Download
4775-Instrumentation in Educational Research Download
4778-e-Learning Download
5500-Foundation of Librarianship Download
5501-Intro to Library and Information Sciences Download
5502-Information Sources and Services Download
5502-Information Sources and Services Download
5503-Classification Theory and Practice Download
5504-Cataloguing Theory and Practice Download
5615-Urdu Literature ka Pakistani Door(I) Download
5616-Urdu Literature ka Pakistani Door(II) Download
5617-Literature of Pakistani Language (I) Download
5618-Literature of Pakistani Language (II) Download
  5619-Arbi Zuban o adab-I Download
  5620-Arbi Zuban o adab-II Download
5621-Persion Language & Literature (I) Download
  5623-Journalism -I Download
  5623-Journalism -II Download
5625-Print Media Part-I Download
5626-Print Media Part-II Download
5627-Electronic Media Part–I Download
5628-Electronic Media Part–II Download
  5785-Ethics Research-I Download
  5786-Ethics Research-II Download
  5787-Tehqeeq Nigar-I Download
  5788-Tehqeeq Nigar-II Download
  6714-World Classical Literature Download
  6715-Translation Skills Download
  6716-Thesis Writing Download
  7503-Medical Sciences-I Download
  7504-Medical Sciences-II Download
  7505-Nutritional Epidemiology Download
  7506-Design of Nutritional Epidemiological St Download
  7510-Biostatistics Download

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All The Assignments are updated and Covers Postgraduate Level Programs of Allama Iqbal Open University of Semester Spring 2013.

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